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Below are some of the handouts from the fall, December 3,4, & 5, 2004, meeting with VAST and NSTA. Thanks to all those who took the time to contributed to this page; Andy Jackson, Bill Chamblee, Harold Houghton, Carrie Taylor, Jo Anne Harris, Tony Wayne.

Stay Tuned: Hopefully there is more to come to this page.

Electrified Balloons and Charges from FIre Demo
Insulator's Behavior Demo with Balloons
Projectile Motion
"I Shot an Arrow" Lab
Current Electricity
Circuit Simulator - Acrobat File Only
Circuit Station (Activity) for Basic Circuits (Current Electricity: Ohm's Law, Parallel and Series Circuits)
Pascal's Breaking Bottle Demo
Fluids Demonstrations and Explanations Collection
Vacuum Bazooka
Newton's Laws
Dollar Bill and Bottles Demo
Coaster Kingdom Extra Credit Contest
Hand Held Rotational Inertia "Feeler"
Pen and Hoop Inertia Demo with animation explaination.
"Newtons" -An Alternative Assessment
"Teaching Others" Activity
Authentic Assessment as a Semester Exam
Loop-the-Loop Energy Activity
Ferro Magnetism Activity
Momentum and Impulse
Momentum Stations
Conduit Chimes
Standing Wave Demonstrator


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