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Due Dates:
____________ : Turn in your roller coaster with your answers.
____________ : Turn in your roller coaster with your answers and the other groups answers to your roller coaster -No late papers accepted. This counts as a lab grade.

You may work in groups of 2.

Your roller coaster must be neatly drawn in pen. It must take up no more than one 8.5 X 11 inch piece of paper.
Your questions are to be written on a separate sheet of paper.
Your solutions are to be on a third sheet -SHOW ALL WORK OR LOOSE 8 POINTS.
Do not give your answers to the group checking your work. After they have finished checking your work compare answers and decide any discrepancies among yourselves.

Your (group's) roller coaster's points depend on if your roller coaster includes:
Work calculated from Fd equation -with at least 1 question about it. (7 pts)
Work calculated from a graph of force vs distance-with at least 1 question about it. The graph cannot be a horizontal line. (7 pts)
A loop-the-loop -with at least 2 questions about it. (7 pts)
A spring -with at least 1 question about it. (7 pts)
A hill -with at least 2 question about it. (7 pts)
At Least one of the above questions must be about the g's felt by the rider. (7 pts)

The rider experiences g's no higher than 10 g's at every hill top and dip. (7 pts)
Calculated the solutions to someone else's lab. (25% the lab grade.)
Whose lab did you grade?

Percentage of your lab's questions that were correct as graded by another group.
___________ (20 pts maximum)
Total number of points checked above:

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