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Video Analysis of an Elastic Collision Activity


To visually and analytically investigate a perfectly elastic collision.




  • Video analysis software such as Vernier's "Logger Pro," (generous site license,) or "Tracker" (free and JAVA based) If you have never used video analysis software it will allow you to look a picture, set a scale track motion of an object and
  • it will generate motion graphs .
  • Videos: (It would be a good idea to download these to an internal server in your building to make sure you have access when you need it.)
  • The activity that is shown below.


The Activity

The first line of the instructions says, "Choose one of the momentum video clips and download  it from the S: Drive." The S drive can be anywhere on your network where you have store the files.

Click here for a WORD version of this activity. (You can easily edit this file.)


Teacher help


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