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Below is a list of presentations sponsored by V.I.P. from the Virginia Association of Science Teachers, November, 2010, Professional Development Institute.
Constant Speed Buggy Lab Lab activity using constant speed buggies.
Friction Lab Lab utilizing probeware to measure the coefficient of friction.
Ripple Tank Demonstration This demonstration includes how to make an inexpensive ($12) ripple tank and how to use pvc pipe as the sources and objects. These were made and handed out at the spring, 2009, VIP meeting at the university of Virginia.
Welding Nails Demonstration This activity uses a the transformer from a microwave oven as a power source. Newer microwave ovens may not contain this transformer.
Reasonable Speeds PowerPoint, KeyNote, web slideshow illustrating various speeds. It's a good primer for students who are not used to measuring speed in meters/second.

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