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This page is a collection of links to nanotechnology resources and lessons.

The Big Collection
Resource Collections

A collection of online simulations and resources for nanotechnology

UnderstandingNano: Lesson Plans Collection

Potential of nanotechnology
NanoTechnology: Its a Small, Small, Small, Small World

NanoTechnology Resource Collection


Light Emitting Diodes Lessons

Nanoscale Activity: Nanotechnology Mitten Challenge

Education and Outreach: Nanotechnology Activity Guides

Rocks and Nanobots: A Societal Interaction Impact Lab

How to use a micrometer Instructions


Rocks and Nanobots: A Societal Interaction Impact Lab

Elements Atoms and Molecules

Other resources compiled by the MathScience Innovation Center

What’s New in Nanoscience and Nanoscience Education

Size and Scale



Dip Pen Nanolithography

Energy Savings

Military Nano

What’s Your Nano IQ?

Nano Research NCSU

Nanoauthority in Virginia



Nanocurriculum at Nano 4 Me
New Text The Big Ideas of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

Ultra-hydrophibicity Video Links by Eric Loth,
Professor and Associate Chair of Aerospace Engineering | | 434-924-3046
Also the links to some videos on our hydrophobic coatings are at

Nano in the Arts!
The Nano is Extraordinary song (with puppets!)

Innovative Physics Textbook with a Chapter on Nano
In an effort to update science information in textbooks, last year a handful of teachers wrote a supplemental physics book. The book was peer reviewed and vetted by university professors. It contains many current topics in physics and engineering. The book is FREE AND DOWNLOADABLE. One of the chapters is on nanotechnology. The nanotechnology chapter is a nice, general, read with information for kindergarten through 12th grade. Here is a link to the book,

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