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by Tony Wayne

The equipment for this lab can be made very inexpensively.

  • The base is a 4' x 1" x 3" piece of wood.
  • The pvc pipe I use has an outside diameter of 7/8". Iy cost me $0.73 for a 10 foot section as a local hardware store, (bought September 2000.)
  • It uses cross supports made of 1/4" diameter wooden dowel rod, ($0.50 per 3 foot stick.)
  • The wooden dowels are held on to the pvc pipe with rubber bands.
  • The foam insulation is cut in half with a razor blade. Use a fresh blade.A fresh blade will take less effort to cut, make clean cut and is safer than a dull blade.
  • The foam insulation is held onto the dowel with a piece of tape under the tube.
  • To connect several insulation tubes together, is a piece of pvc pipe big enough to snugly fit around the insulation. I use a 1-1/4" pvc pipe coupler.

Equipment construction instructions

Click here to see a QuickTime movie illustrating how to attach the dowels to the pvc pipe..

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