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Our Spring Meeting will be held at UVA’s Physics Building on April 12, 2003 9:00 AM-4:00 PM. The theme of this meeting is PVC – Physics Very Cheap! This will be a make and take session focusing on demos and labs made from PVC and other cheap materials. Participants will walk away with their very own set of Physics Spinners, Stadium Horn, PVC String Wave Polarizing Filters, and Thunder Tube and more! You’ve got to be there to take home the goodies. Funds and supplies may limit the availability of some items. Limited items will be awarded in order of RSVP to me at

If you will be attending please contact me, Andy Jackson.

There is no fee and there are no dues, just come and enjoy! Please bring an idea, lesson plan, demo or experiment to share (~25+ copies). Also, consider bringing another teacher who might benefit.
Have a piece of equipment you don't know how to use (or what it is)?
BRING IT !!! See if you can stump the experts (whoever they are) or get some help.

Regarding directions to the VIP meeting on March 23 in the physics building (Jesse W. Beams Laboratory of Physics) at UVa, there is a good web map at The physics building is #31 on You may want to park in #4 on the same map.  On Saturday you can try parking in the gravel lot behind physics, but please don't park in the lots immediately adjacent to physics or you will likely receive a parking ticket. (Thanks to Steve Thornton for these maps.)


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