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Electrical Schematics is a library file for ClarisWorks 4.0 on the MACINTOSH .

It does not work on the dos version because the dos version does not yet support built in graphic libraries.

The file is binhexed. click on the link below to view the file on your browser. It will look like garbage -but that's what it is supposed to look like. After it loads on your browser, save it as a text file. Then use uncompacting software such as "Stuffit Expander" or "Compact Pro" to open it. Once it has been opened, drag into a folder called "ClarisWorks Libraries". This folder is in your ClarisWorks folder.
Libraries can be accessed from the "FILE" menu. Look for the command "Libraries."

Feel free to give this away adjust it to fit your needs. This library was written by Tony Wayne.

Click here to download the library with units

Click here to download the library without units.

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