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The Winner is the person, or team of 2, who successfully extinguishes the most number of targets. A shoot off will be held in the event of a tie.

The Rules:

  • You may use any non-explosive safe materials to build your acoustic cannon.
  • The acoustic cannon will be 15-18 feet from the target -lit candle.
  • You may place the acoustic cannon on a table to aim it. Someone else may assist you in holding it if necessary.
  • You will get 5 shots alternating between two candles 15 feet apart.
  • The acoustic cannon must propel a vortex ring of air at the target.

The Points:

  • 4 points added to a test for an entry that meets the contest criteria and does not fall apart before firing ALL 5 shots.
  • 1 additional point added to a test for each extinguished candle flame.


The Time:

  • Tuesday, before the Thanksgiving break, at the beginning of LUNCH in room 264.

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by Tony Wayne
Last updated 11/07/00

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