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Goal: To build and fly a White Wings plane that stays in the air
the longest.

Students must build a white wings glider BEFORE the contest.

The White Wings glider kit must be bought from your science teacher. The cost will be $2.00.

Any gliders that are thrown before or after the student's turn will be confiscated and the student will lose ALL their points for this event.

10 points if the plane is constructed using a minimum of 4 laminations of paper for the body and minimum of 3 laminations on the wing.
The remainder of the points (25) will be awarded based upon the length of time the plane is in the air. the plane in flight the longest will receive 25 points, and all others will receive a percentage of the points (e.g.: if your plane stayed up 20% as long as the best one, you would receive 5 points in addition to the 10 points for construction.

White Wings planes are constructed using layers of "paper" from a kit. The wings must be tested to obtain maximum lift. Since the goal is to keep the plane aloft as long as possible, it would be wise to make the plane so that it will flying circles. If the plane hits a wall, spectator, or anything outside the flight area, the time will stop. A second flight will be allowed only if there is time. If a second flight is permitted, then its time will replace the first flight's time.

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