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Construct a mechanical device which will indicate an interval of time from 0 to 3 minutes.

The mechanical device cannot use a watch in it's construction.
The device can be made out of any materials that are not potentially hazardous or harmful.
The device must be no larger than one cubic meter, with no part longer than one meter.
All entries must be individually constructed.
No kits are allowed.
No electricity or batteries.
The device may not be touched after it has been started.

Students will be awarded the minimum points or the cumulative point total from below -whichever is higher.

For the points below students must announce

  1. the first 30 seconds (for 5 points)
  2. the end of the first minute ( for 5 additional points)
  3. the end of second minute ( for 5 additional points)
  4. the end of the third minute ( for 20 additional points).

1st , 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded on accuracy at 3 minutes.
Originality and creativity will count and earn up to 5 bonus points.

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