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Knock your opponent out of the ring within the 90 second time limit. A car is determined to lose if any part of the vehicle touches the ground outside of the ring. OR in the event of a stalemate the car possessing control of the ping pong ball wins.


  • Your car must use all the motors in the kit before adding an additional motor.

  • You may us an additional motor if all the motors that came with the kit have been used. (“Use” means supplied with power.) The additional motor must have it own power source. A maximum of 6 volts may be used for the additional motor. The extra power must be from a dry cell such as a Duracell or Energizer.
  • You may add a hydraulic device so long as the hydraulic device;
    • is completely home made,
    • does not contain any oil and
    • has been shown not to leak.
  • The vehicle will start behind the line. No part of the vehicle may extend beyond the plane of the circle or the starting line before the contest begins.
  • There are to be no other strings or cables other than the electricity supply cables from the ceiling extending inside the circle.
  • Groups may trade motors with each other with unanimous consent of all group members.
  • Each car will have an umbilical cord that supplies the power to each motor. A car may not damage the umbilical cord of another vehicle. If a cord is intentionally hit, the offending car will be disqualified.
  • You may add pieces to your vehicle other than the ones that came in the kit.
  • The vehicle may NOT launch any projectiles.
  • The vehicle may NOT utilize fire, explosives, or water.

    The vehicle may not be designed to do damage to another vehicle or the person doing the controlling.
  • If neither car is eliminated in the time period, each will be assigned to another match. If a car is involved in a second stalemate, then the vehicle is eliminated from the competition.
  • You are allowed to work on your car in between rounds. Time is critical. you must be ready to run during your time slot or be disqualified.
  • You may work either by yourself or with a partner.
  • Each team is to purchase a car kit, $18.75. You may also purchase extra gear kits. Gear kits are 4 plastic gears for $3.80. The gear kits are not necessary You kit comes with a few of it own.


  • The project is to be finished and turned in 2 days before the competition. On this day it will be tested and photographed.
  • The competition due date will be during the 1st week in June. End of the year student schedules are always changing. That is why it is not reasonable to assign a competition date. The contest will be held during class. The winners of each class will go head–to–head during long lunch.


  • Your grade will be based on
    • The level of participation in class activities.
    • The ability to trun in work on time.
    • The quality and detail of the design and construction notes kept.
    • The ability to navigate the course shown below in 90 seconds.
  • The length of each segment is not critical. The turns do not have
    to be at sharp 90 degree angles.

Contest Rules submitted by Tony Wayne.
Car kits and power supplies can be purchased from KELVIN electronics. Look for the Summo car kits in Kelvin's web index
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