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1. Collect from a list as many items as possible. They can be found in your home or
elsewhere in our community. Items from school collections will not be allowed.
2. Label each item as to its identity ... Enter by name and by the number assigned
on the list (see page two).
3. Place the items in a box (in order) labeled with your name, AND the name of your
science teacher. Place a grading sheet in your box (available from your science
teacher). ...make sure to PRINT neatly all the information.
4. Turn in your box/samples to your science teacher by the Wednesday
before Spring Break
to receive 5 extra points .
5. The last day that entries will be accepted will be the Monday of Science Week.
6. The number of points you earn will be determined as follows:
Each correct answer X 2 = your grade
7. Items not picked up by the Friday of Science Week will be disposed of that afternoon.
8. Do not turn in valuable nor breakable items
9. Pictures of items are acceptable.

1. A device that emits electromagnetic radiation: Television
2. "Fools Gold": Iron Pyrite
3. A substance or an object that contains citric acid: Lemon

1. A principal organ of transpiration from the genus Acer.
2. A commercial tool that works by the same principle as that quoted by
Archimedes, "Give me where to stand and I will move the earth." in his
reference to the use of this tool.
3. The ripened ovary associated with Sir Isaac Newton (or William Tell).
4. Something that is less dense in its solid rather than in its liquid form.
5. A sample that demonstrates oxidation has occurred.
6. A common household base in its original container.
7. A sample of levulose.
8. A sample of a transition element that exhibits the principle of opposites attract.
9. A sample of each category of recyclable material collected at McIntire.
10. A sample of synthetic material which is based on amide linkage.
11. Two allotropic forms of the element most prevalent in living matter.
12. An Archimedean machine with incised threads.
13. A dowser's tool.
14. A gaming device mentioned in a famous quote of Albert Einstein.
15. A common edible crystal.
16. The diploid generation of a fern.
17. The hardest common mineral on Moh's scale.
18. A rock commercially quarried in Albemarle County.
19. A sample of the final product of weathering.
20. A common device for generating electrical energy by chemical reaction.

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