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Rube Goldberg Contest

The object of the Rube Goldberg Contest is to build the most INEFFICIENT device to perform a specified function.

This year's function is to put tooth paste on the bristles of a tooth brush.

1. Contestants are allowed to work in teams of 2 people. Each person will earn 80% of the total points earned.
2. Points awarded are based upon:
Number of steps
Creativity of steps
Number of times you give the machine help -this
deducts points.
3. No explosives, dangerous flying objects, or dangerous/toxic chemicals are allowed.
The contest is run during your science period.
Entries must begin setup by 8:10 AM in the little gym, Room 21 on the 18th or 19th, which ever day you have science .
Contestants are to sign in with the sponsors when they begin setting up.
4. Minimum points are awarded if the device is set up before your science class, run during your science class and cleaned up before 3:30 on the day of the contest.

Start with how you are going to finish your project. Perhaps a string is going to pull something. Work your way backwards from there. How is the string going to be pulled? Maybe a weight will pull it. Or a mousetrap. Yeah ...a mousetrap! How will the mouse trap be triggered? You see the pattern. Come up with more than one way to "finish" the machine. Perhaps a lever arm will be used in place of the string to "finish" the machine. Now begin to think backwards as to how the lever arm will be moved.
It is very important that the machine be built on a stand. A stand will make sure that everything is in its proper place when the device is set up at school.
Finally, the most important step in the process. Test everything together before anything is brought to school.
Ask the sponsors if you have any questions.

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