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King of the Mountain Contest

Build a device that will place a 3/4" diameter super ball as close to the apex of a mountain as possible. The distance to the apex is measured when the ball comes to a stop.

The device must fit inside of a paper box, 8.5"x11"x17", before being activated.

The contestant can only touch the device once to initiate it's motion.
Nothing can be glued or taped to the superball.
The superball cannot be damaged in any manner.
You must design/construct/manufacture the device. It cannot be store bought.
The device cannot shoot or launch anything.
The device must begin its operation from behind the bottom of the ramp
The device cannot use fire, sharp objects or any explosives.
The device cannot be a potential hazard to any of the spectators.
The device can be made out of any materials necessary as long as they fit the above criteria for safety.
10 points for a sketch of your device to be turned in to the sponsors by March 2 . The sketch will not be returned so make a copy for yourself.
- The sketch can be in pen or pencil.
- It must be legible.
- It must also include a parts list of all the materials the device is going to use.
- Points will be lost if the materials list is incomplete or any of the other criteria is not acceptably neat.
Construction of a device that meets the above mentioned criteria will earn additional points. See table below.
Level 1: 10
Level 2: 15
Level 3: 20
The remaining 35 points will be awarded on the basis of whose device places the superball is the closest to the apex and the ability of the device to follow the above rules. This distance is measured when the ball comes to a stop.

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