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Egg Drop Contest

Build a landing-craft vehicle for an uncooked egg which will enable the egg to fall unharmed from a second story floor window to the ground.

The passenger is a medium sized, uncooked chicken egg supplied by the student. The egg must be able to be removed from the craft or fully inspected . Materials for the device's construction are listed below. Elimination rounds will be conducted by individual teacher's from their desk. Survivors will be dropped from a second floor window. If needed, repeated "drop-off's" will be done to determine the final winners. 20 points will be awarded for construction of a device that meets the above stated criteria. 25 points will be awarded to survivors of the elimination round. 30 points will be awarded to the survivors of the second floor window drop. Extra credit will be awarded to the final survivors of repeated trials from the window.

3 Toilet Paper Tubes
6 Plastic Drinking Straws

All items may be cut, woven, folded, or stuck into each other.
No adhesives or fastners (paste, tape, staples, tacks, etc.) may be used.

The egg cannot be coated with anything.

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