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Build a device for catching an an uncooked egg which will enable the egg to fall unharmed from the roof of a 2 story building to the ground.

The passenger is a medium sized, uncooked chicken egg supplied by the student. The egg must be able to be removed from the catching device for inspection . Materials for the device's construction are listed below. The person with the highest raw score is the winner. Below is how the raw score is calculated. The egg cannot be coated with anything.

The device's mass cannot be more than 1500 grams, (3.3 pounds).
10 points for a sketch of your device to be turned in to the sponsors by March 2. The sketch will not be returned so make a copy for yourself. You will not be penalized if your final design is not exactly like your sketched design.
- The sketch can be in pen or pencil.
- It must be legible.
- It must also include a parts list of all the materials the device is going to use.
If the device stops the egg, but the egg bounces or falls out and breaks then the contestant will receive only an additional 5 points.
Additional points will be awarded for construction of a device that meets the above stated criteria. See below.
Level 1 - 20 more points
Level 2 - 15 more points
Level 3 - 10 more points
The additional points will be awarded for the person's "raw score's" ranking among all the contestants.

Anything but wood.

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