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Catapult Contest

To build a device that propels a tennisball the farthest distance along a straight line.

1. The catapult cannot be made from dangerous or explosive materials.
No fire may be used.
3. The device CANNOT be a slingshot type device. The main mechanism for propelling the tennis ball CANNOT consist of a holding device that the ball sits in connected to any elastic cords.
4. The catapult must fit within a box 1m X 1m X 1m.
5. In the event of a distance tie, the winner will be the lightest device.
6. The catapult CANNOT use humans as it power source.

Points will be awarded in proportion to the distance the tennisball travels. The ball that travels the farthest gets all the points. The rest of the points are awarded proportionally to the distance the ball is from the farthest traveling ball.

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