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Roller Coaster Designer Program fod the TI-82/83

Roller Coaster Designer program, by Tony Wayne, for the TI-82/83 calculators will design a simple roller coaster. The user inputs certain values and the program outputs results like g's felt, and velocity. The program is text based -for now. The program is free. Give away to anyone. Just leave my name on it.
Last Updated August, 1998.

Click here to download the uuencoded version of Roller Coaster Designer. Your browser will open up with a text page. Save this text page as a text file. Then use TI's graph link software to uudecode the software. Next your will need to buy or have access to a Texas Instrument's GraphLink cable to download the software to your TI-82.

Click here to download the uuencoded version of the program Roller Coaster Designer for the TI-82.

Click here to go get the GraphLink software.

About the program.

The program is in a group file. It consists of 7 smaller programs. They are Bank, Coaster, Drop, Loop, Review, Rise, Straight. COASTER is the main program. This is the one to run. The others support Coaster.

A future version may include a vertical corkscrew and a graphical review program of the ride. (Perhaps when I get a TI-83 calculator.)

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Below are screen shots for the program.

Below are the pictures for the LINEAR FORCE choice.
User chooses type.

If you use or find this page useful or have any comments, please contact the author so maybe he'll do more. Author: Tony Wayne

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